New Wave 2015

New insights. New creations.


New powerful trends are flooding the market, offering lots of exciting possibilities for your creations.

Our chefs have already been inspired, and invite you to discover our products!

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Choclate Masters™ Lady





We are always seeking for that little extra - in other words - the cherry on the cake. We master chocolate with great passion and a feeling for perfection. We’re not just in the decoration business; we want to stimulate the sweet creativity of pastry chefs and chocolatiers all around the world. We want to inspire them with our diverse and colorful assortment of chocolate and marzipan decorations. We can literally shape your ideas and sugar your dreams. It’s your final touch.

Hypnotic Rectangle
Dry Earth
Round Purple Swirl
Butter Curly
Square Green Paint
Beach Leaves
Jura Romd Giraffe

All About Decoration

With our enormous range of decorations you can make the most amazing creations, each of them unique! They won’t only enrich your dessert, pastry or confectionery but also boost your sales. Every creation food manufacturers, pastry chefs, chocolatiers or bakeries have in mind, we make it happen! Want to personalize your cupcake with a specific design, logo or picture? The various layouts of our transfer sheets offer you unlimited possibilities.

Chocolate Masters™ decorations are part of the Barry Callebaut group, your best guarantee for quality service and flexibility. And naturally, every creation is made with the finest Belgian Chocolate.
Because chefs only deserve the best.

New Wave 2015

A New Wave

Our new products demand a new way of thinking. Think further than before. Explore new lands, discover our elegant decorations and their tastes and looks.

Feel free to scream ‘eureka’ when you see and taste the unique Crowned Snobinettes™. Celebrate euphoric moments with the cheerful Chocolate Lollipops. Expect the unexpected when you see how our Cake Plates™ wrap your creations in nothing but happiness. Our new creations are soft, sharp, classy and innovative. Be creative with every single one of them and become the pioneer of your own sweet designs.

Print, shape and color your creation the way you want it to be. Touch it and make it personal. Choosing your favorites out of our broad range of decorations may be the hardest part.

Having fun has never been easier and more delicious at the same time.

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Crowned Snobinettes™ Discover our newest products


Browse through our collections and discover how we can add texture, taste and color to every masterpiece you create. Searching for that little extra crunchiness? Need a different and surprising flavor?
Come and talk to us. Together we can create that sweet seductiveness you’re looking for.

For a complete overview of our decoration products:
view our catalogue here

  • dessert - open decorations
  • White Butter Curlies
  • Butter Curlies
  • Cupcake
  • Cupcake
  • Cake Collar™
  • Marzipan Flowers™
  • Cupcake
  • Combination of Jura Point
  • Original Jura
  • White chocolate truffles
  • Sprinkles on ice
  • Blossoms
  • Crowned Snobinette™
  • Cups™
  • Snobinettes™
  • Valentine
  • Christmas
  • Whisky and Pencils™
  • Breakfast
  • Pencil holders
  • Jura Double™
  • Pastry
  • Wrap
The original Pencil Lady

The Original Pencil™

The Original Pencil™ of Chocolate Masters has become an extensive collection of exploding colors, sizes and shapes. Our Pencils offer an endless range of creative possibilities. Underline the elegance of your decoration with a sharp, sophisticated touch. Boost your creation with a bold and tasteful surprise. Or amaze your customer with a unique and irresistible snack. Our new Creamy Pencils™ and their velvety, smooth cream fillings create a flavor sensation unlike anything you’ve tasted before. Both Creamy Vanilla (dark chocolate with white vanilla flavored filling) and Creamy Caramel (milk chocolate with caramel flavored filling) are the perfect snack at any time of the day!

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Pencil packaging
Decoration Inspiration Lab
Decoration Inspiration Lab Decoration Inspiration Lab Decoration Inspiration Lab Decoration Inspiration Lab

The world of Chocolate Masters has a need for constant innovation. That’s why we inspire and invite clients to visit our Decoration Inspiration Lab. With cutting edge technology and careful craftsmanship, our worldwide network of Chefs will help them to discover the decoration of tomorrow. Our Chefs create exclusive customized chocolate decorations and stay up-to-date with the constant stream of innovative shapes, colors, textures, designs and applications.


From bean cultivation to decoration revelation

Barry Callebaut’s Quality Partner Program (QPP) is enabling farmers in West Africa to grow cocoa in a sustainable and responsible way, increase yields, quality and improve family livelihoods.
Discover on how we undertake the quest for sustainable cocoa.

Quality Cocao for a Better Life
Cocoa bean
Cocoa bean
Cocoa bean
Cocoa bean
Cocoa bean
Cocoa bean
Cocoa bean
Cocoa bean
Cocoa bean
Cocoa bean
Cocoa bean
Cocoa bean
Cocoa bean
Cocoa bean
Cocoa bean


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